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Directed by Michael Herwitz
Produced by Prateek Singh and Michael Kelleher
Show Dates January 26 - Febrauary 3, 2018
Venue Cahn Auditorium

The Dolphin Show, America’s largest student-produced musical, is proud to present our 76th annual production. This year’s show is Stephen Flaherty's Ragtime, produced by Prateek Singh and Michael Kelleher, and directed by Michael Herwitz, opens January 26th in Northwestern’s Cahn Auditorium and runs until February 3rd.


We are proud to present the 76th Annual Dolphin Show, Ragtime. In a dreary world turned upside down by the arrival of an otherworldly sentient flytrap, the employees of a dilapidated florist’s shop sort through the morality of greed and plant nutrition. This acerbic sendup of both B horror movies and a pseudo-meritocratic class structure raises timely questions of self-determination and collective responsibility. Oh, and the plant sings. And eats people.



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Executive Board

  • Executive Producers: Prateek Singh and Michael Kelleher
    • Assistant Artistic Producers:
    • Assistant Business Producers:
  • Directors of Community Development: Casey Norlin and Cairo Dye
  • Director of Development: Lucy Farnsworth
  • Director of Events: Casey Watson
  • Director of Finance: Bradley Smith
  • Director of Marketing: Jonathan Gelb
  • Production Managers: Austin Manross and Abigail Doermann
    • Assistant Production Managers:
    • Production Assistants:

Artistic Team

  • Scenic Designer: Jessie Baldinger
    • Assistant Set Designer:
  • Technical Directors: Emily Koller and Noah Watkins
    • Assistant Technical Director:
  • Associate Technical Director:
  • Master Carpenters:
  • Scenic Painter:
    • Team Set:
  • Lighting Designer: Nathan Selinger
    • Assistant Lighting Designer:
  • Master Electrician: Sam Van Loon
  • Associate Master Electrician: Benji Solomon
    • Team Lights:
  • Costume Designer: Nina Wallrafen
    • Lead Assistant Costume Designer:
    • Assistant Costume Designers:
  • Wardrobe Manager:
    • Team Costumes:
  • Sound Designer: Isadora Porte
  • Sound Engineer: Joshua Fields
  • Associate Sound Engineer:
    • Team Sound:
  • Properties Designer: Maddie Hong
    • Asst. Props Designer:
    • Team Props:
  • Hair/Make-up Designers: Bryana Barry and Allyson Snyder
    • Assistant Hair and Makeup Designers:

Business Team

  • First Year Experience Director:
  • External Community Coordinator:
  • Team Building Coordinator:
  • Community Secretary:
  • Community Education Director:
  • Community Development Associate:
  • Development Assistant:
  • Fundraising Coordinator:
  • Fundraising Assistant:
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator:
    • Alumni Relations Assistant:
  • Events Team - Gala:
  • Events Team - Internal:
  • Events Team - Alumni:
  • Events Team - Rock Show :
    • Rock Show - Director:
    • Rock Show - Choreographer:
  • Events Team - Graphics Designer :
  • Events Team - [Insert Musical Here]:
  • Freshman Cabaret Co-Producer:
  • Events Assistants:
  • Advertising Coordinators:
  • Sales and Promotions Coordinator: Andrew Harlan
  • Newsletter Coordinator:
  • Outreach Coordinator:
  • Public Relations Coordinator:
  • Marketing Assistant:
  • Marketing Associate:
  • Social Media Coordinator: Brooks Whitlock
    • Social Media Assistant:
  • Graphic Designer: Alex Schneidman
  • Merch Coordinator:
  • House Manager:
    • Assistant House Managers:

Rehearsal Team

  • Director: Michael Herwitz
    • Assistant Director:
  • Stage Manager: Emma Franklin
    • Assistant Stage Managers:
  • Music Director: Bryan Eng
  • Music Supervisor: Noah Landis
    • Assistant Music Director:
  • Choreographer: Tucker DeGregory
    • Assistant Choreographers:
  • Dramaturg: Pauline Moll

Join the Team

If you want to get involved in the 75th Annual Dolphin Show, please email!