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   |name          = Pippin
   |name          = Pippin
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Dolphin 78

Directed by Mary Tomei
Produced by Rachel Khutorsky, Paia Amelio, Emma Flanders
Show Dates January 2021
Venue Cahn Auditorium

The Dolphin Show, America’s largest student-produced musical, is proud to present our 77th annual production. This year’s show is Hello, Dolly! Produced by Rachel Khutorsky, Paia Amelio, and Emma Flanders, and directed by Mary Tomei, it opens January 2021 in Northwestern’s Cahn Auditorium.


The young son of the medieval French ruler Charlemange is encouraged by a flashy troupe of strolling players to try his hand at war, love, and other joys before settling down.


TBA. Auditions for the 78th Annual Dolphin Show will be held at Fall Generals.

Executive Board

  • Executive Producers: Rachel Khutorsky, Paia Amelio, and Emma Flanders
  • Director of Community Development: Lydia Spettel
  • Directors of Development: Rachel Schmaier and Amanda Sugiharto
  • Director of Events: Sam Pietenpol
  • Director of Marketing: Lucia Boyd
  • Assistant Production Managers: Lucy Harrington and Hannah Julie Yoon
  • Director of Sales and Promotions: Arella Flur
  • Director of Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity: Simran Deokule

Artistic Team

Rehearsal Room

  • Director: Mary Tomei
    • Assistant Director: Lucia Miller
  • Stage Manager: Michael Daalder
    • Assistant Stage Managers: Mark Berry and Payton Shearn
  • Music Directors: Lorenzo Pipino and Ezri Killeen
    • Assistant Music Director: Kevin Park
    • Team Music: Sarah Geltz and Steven Lyu
  • Choreographer: Sammi Tapper
  • Intimacy and Fight Director: Kira Nutter
    • Assistant Intimacy and Fight Director: Charlotte Jones
  • Dramaturgs: Karina Patel and Julia Hogan Laurenson
    • Assistant Dramaturg and Historian: Madeline Oberle
  • Circus and Movement Consultant: Autumn Thelander
  • Production Assistants: Olivia Greene, Arianna Staton, Samara Malik, and Sarah Welford

Designers and Technicians

  • Set Designer: Isabella Noe
    • Assistant Set Designer: Sam Kim
  • Technical Directors: Luke Arnold, Zoe Snead, and Caden Gaviria
  • Master Carpenter: Ace Ellswieg
  • Scenic Painter: Coco Huang
  • Lighting Designer: Henry Muller
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Sydney Tennill
  • Master Electrician: James Hovet
    • Associate Master Electrician: Benji Solomon
  • Sound Designer: Candace Todd
    • Assistant Sound Designer and Sound Engineer: Kennedy Shirk
  • Costume Designer: Adrian Waller
    • Associate Costume Designer: Emily Munster
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Lauren Kelly
  • Hair and Makeup Designers: Anna Cork and Melissa Richmond
    • Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer: Lauren Kelly
  • Props Designers: Samantha Zhang and Ruby Gibson
    • Assistant Props Designer: Beatrix Cress

Business Team

Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity

  • Outreach Directors: Sophia Blake and Harlym Pike
  • International Education Director: Liv Glassman
  • Director of Accessibility Services: Molly McDermott
  • AID Assistant: Haruka Ichimaru

Community Development Team

  • Wellness Directors: Molly McCarthy and Isabelle Chio
  • Bonding Chairs: Clay Lawhead and Ellie McCarthy
  • Community Secretary: Brett Mayfield
  • First Year Experience Directors: Gabrielle Bieder and Kelly Killorin

Development Team

  • Fundraising Directors: Owen Kiley and Maddie Brown
  • Corporate Relations Director: Sarah Friedman
  • Alumni Relations Directors: Andy Hartman and Lily Feinberg
  • Development Assistant: Maria Ramos

Events Team

  • Captain's Ball Chair: Gillian Finnegan
  • Captain's Ball Assistant Chair: Hamish Marissen-Clark
  • Opening Night Gala Chairs: Nina Wetoska and Jane Wiertel
  • Kickoff Chairs: Harrison Lewis and Joyce Pu
  • Wildcat Welcome Chair: Sophia Danielle-Grenier
  • Dragtime Producer: Priya Moorthy
  • Dragtime Director: Jonathan van de Loo
  • Internal Events Chairs: Sophia Danielle-Grenier and Hannah McGrath

Marketing Team

  • Digital Media Director: Meghan Altemose
  • Instagram and Snapchat Director: Rachel Mendelson
  • Facebook and TikTok Director: Becca Dubin
  • Advertising Directors: Rachel Schonberger and Joanna Kim
    • Assistant Advertising Director: Siobhan Esposito
  • Public Relations Director: Jordan Mangi
  • Webmaster and Newsletter Director: Isabelle Sarraf
  • Graphic Designer: Hannah McGrath
    • Assistant Graphic Designer: Owen Kiley
  • Photographer: Rachel Mendelson
  • Video Team: Laurisa Sastoque and Liv Glassman
  • Marketing Team Assistant: Laurisa Sastoque

Sales and Promotions

  • Sales Director: Priyanshi Katare
  • Promotions Director: Zach Forbes
  • Group Sales Directors: Hope Valls and Faye Berger
  • Ovation Tix Account Manager: Zach Forbes
  • Sales and Promotions Assistant: Eunice Lee

Join the Team

If you want to get involved in the 78th Annual Dolphin Show, please email producers@nudolphinshow.org!


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