The 76th Annual Dolphin Show

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Directed by Michael Herwitz
Produced by Prateek Singh and Michael Kelleher
Show Dates January 26 - Febrauary 3, 2018
Venue Cahn Auditorium

The Dolphin Show, America’s largest student-produced musical, is proud to present our 76th annual production. This year’s show is Ragtime. Produced by Michael Kelleher and Prateek Singh, and directed by Michael Herwitz it opens January 26th in Northwestern’s Cahn Auditorium and runs until February 3rd.


A Mother in New Rochelle waves goodbye to her explorer husband, A Latvian immigrant arrives in New York’s Lower East Side, and a pianist in Harlem plays his heartbreak on the keys. When a black infant is found buried alive in a New Rochelle garden, these three seemingly different worlds begin to collide. To the tune of a strange new music hanging in the air, lives entwine as the 20th century dawns. Epic and heartfelt, Ragtime is a musical about change, justice and the hundreds of stories threaded into one American Life.


  • Coahlhouse: Robert Cunningham
  • Mother: Sarah Ohlson
  • Tateh: Alex Schneidman
  • Sarah: Mariah Copeland
  • Younger Brother: Miles Blim
  • Father: Benjamin Roberts
  • Evelyn Nesbit: Natalie Welch
  • Emma Goldman: Carrie Caffrey
  • Harry Houdini: Sam Groisser
  • Henry Ford: Andrew Restieri
  • Booker T. Washington: Elliot Sagay
  • Sarah's Friend: Emma Griffone
  • JP Morgan: Moses Feldman
  • Grandfather: Ethan Carlson
  • Willie Conklin: Calvin Ticknor-Swanson
  • The Little Boy: Joshua ZIngerman
  • The Little Girl: Megan Trubey
  • Coalhouse Walker III: Olivier Parisien
  • Ensemble: Jack Bistritz, Ryan Foreman, Mason Frasher, Mary Godby, Gabriella Green, Kandise LeBlanc, Daniella Martino, Susanna McCollum, Felicia Oduh, Ziare Paul-Emile, Anna Piparo, Nolan Robinson, Eleanor Roeder, Jared Ross, Emma Rothfield, Savannah RUnge, Corey Schwaitzberg, Elijah Warfield, Lindsay Whisler

Executive Board

  • Executive Producers: Michael Kelleher and Prateek Singh
  • Directors of Community Development: Cairo Dye and Casey Norlin
  • Director of Development: Lucy Farnsworth
  • Director of Events: Casey Watson
  • Director of Finance: Bradley Smith
  • Director of Marketing: Jonathan Gelb
  • Production Managers: Austin Manross and Abigail Doermann

Artistic Team

Rehearsal Room

  • Director: Michael Herwitz
    • Assistant Director: Isabel Perry
  • Stage Manager: Emma Franklin
  • Music Supervisor: Noah Landis
  • Music Director: Bryan Eng
  • Choreographer: Tucker DeGregory
  • Fight Choreographer: Cary Jones
  • Dramaturg: Pauline Moll

Designers and Technicians

  • Scenic Designer: Jessie Baldinger
  • Technical Directors: Emily Koller and Noah Watkins
  • Scenic Painter: Marley Smith
    • Team Set: Shannon Campbell
  • Lighting Designer: Nathan Selinger
  • Master Electrician: Sam Van Loon
  • Associate Master Electrician: Benji Solomon
  • Costume Designer: Nina Wallrafen
  • Sound Designer: Isadora Lowe Porte
  • Sound Engineer: Joshua Fields
  • Assistant Sound Engineer:
  • Properties Designer: Maddie Hong
  • Hair/Make-up Designers: Bryana Barry and Allyson Snyder

Business Team

Community Development

  • First Year Experience Director: Stavros Agorakis
  • Community Education Director: Melissa Cagan
  • Wellness Chairs:Robyn Kimmel and Nate Smith
  • Kickoff Coordinator: Jenna Levine
  • House Manager: Sara Saltzer
  • Community Secretary: Dana Sussman
  • Bonding Coordinator: Nico Miller
  • Study Guide: Maddie Rostami


  • Graphic Designer: Alex Schneidman
  • Advertising Coordinator: Jane Emma Barnett
  • Sales and Promotions Coordinator: Andrew Harlan
  • Newsletter Coordinator: Rachel Holtzman
  • Outreach and Public Relations Coordinator: Katia Podtynov
  • Social Media Coordinator: Brooks Whitlock
  • Videographer: Noah Frick-Alofs
  • Web Designer: Liza Alrutz


  • Alumni Relations Coordinator: Josh Krivan
  • Corporate Relations Coordinator: Leo Jared Scheck
  • Fundraising: Griffin Johnston


  • Events Associate: Jamie Joeyen-Waldorf
  • Alumni Weekend Coordinator: Rachel Reizburg
  • Captain's Ball Coordinator: Lydia Hartman
  • [Insert Musical Here] Producer: Andrea Canizares-Fernandez
  • Rock Show Producer: Andrew Resitieri
  • Alumni Events Coordinator: Carly Mazer
  • Internal Events Coordinators: Morgan Reilly and Chris Lanham

Join the Team

If you want to get involved in the 76th Annual Dolphin Show, please email!


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