The 75th Annual Dolphin Show

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Little Shop of Horrors
Little Shop1.png
Directed by Maggie Monahan
Produced by Bailey Sutton and Janie Dickerson
Show Dates January 20 - January 28, 2017
Venue Cahn Auditorium

The Dolphin Show, America’s largest student-produced musical, is proud to present our 75th annual production. This year’s show is Alan Menkin's Little Shop of Horrors, produced by Bailey Sutton and Janie Dickerson, and directed by Maggie Monahan, opens January 20th in Northwestern’s Cahn Auditorium and runs until January 28th.


We are proud to present the 75th Annual Dolphin Show, Ashman and Menken’s cult classic Little Shop of Horrors. In a dreary world turned upside down by the arrival of an otherworldly sentient flytrap, the employees of a dilapidated florist’s shop sort through the morality of greed and plant nutrition. This acerbic sendup of both B horror movies and a pseudo-meritocratic class structure raises timely questions of self-determination and collective responsibility. Oh, and the plant sings. And eats people.



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  • Seymour: Alex Schneidman
  • Audrey: Megan Orticelli
  • Audrey II: Rebecca Elowe
  • Mushnik: Chris Jumper
  • Crystal, Chiffon, & Ronette: Emma Griffone, Brianna Dorn, Allie Woodson
  • Orin: Eli Newell
  • Ensemble: Marcellus Burt, Lena Dudley, Ryan Foreman, Amala Garg, Holly Hinchcliffe, Nina Jayahankar, Sam Linda, Zoe Olson, Ross Patten, Kristen Sanders, Elijah Warfield

Executive Board

  • Executive Producers: Bailey Sutton and Janie Dickerson
    • Assistant Artistic Producers: Keebler Straz and Leo Jared Scheck
    • Assistant Business Producers: Meghan Considine and Jared Ross
  • Director of Community Development: Hale McSharry
  • Director of Development: Andrew Restieri
  • Director of Events: Alex Kramer
  • Director of Finance (1st Term): Elaine Koh
  • Director of Finance (2nd Term): Lucy Farnsworth
  • Director of Marketing: Abby Albrecht
  • Production Managers: Bryana Barry and Lucy Kalar
    • Assistant Production Managers: Sarah Muller, Sophia Carbonell, Zach Schroeder
    • Production Assistants: Allegra Kawles, Cailyn Johnson, Desiree` Applewhite, Jordan Knitter, Emily Komarow, Jackson Simpson, Owen Woityra

Artistic Team

  • Scenic Designer: Jessie Baldinger
    • Assistant Set Designer: Sydney Thomas
  • Technical Director: Isadora Porte
    • Assistant Technical Director: Jack Byrne
  • Associate Technical Director: Sasha Weiss
    • Assistant Technical Director: Jack Byrne
  • Master Carpenters: Abe Oxley-Hase and Noah Watkins
  • Scenic Painter: Marley Smith
    • Team Set: Maddie Hong and Noah Kudman
  • Lighting Designer: Matt Kresch
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Ryan Miller
  • Master Electrician: Nathan Selinger
  • Associate Master Electrician: Sam Van Loon
    • Team Lights: Connor MacMillen, Shannon Campbell, Tatyana Aravena-Getzinger, Amelia Langas, Benji Solomon, Ying Dai, Sarah Friedman
  • Costume Designer: Samantha Nagler
    • Lead Assistant Costume Designer: Kelsey Phalen
    • Assistant Costume Designers: Chris Lanham, Syd Shaw, Savannah Runge, Sean McCarthy, Nate Smith
  • Wardrobe Manager: Nina Wallrafen
    • Team Costumes:
  • Sound Engineer:
  • Associate Sound Engineer: Lindsey Weiss
    • Team Sound: Khoa Truong
  • Properties Designer: Austin Manross
    • Asst. Props Designer: Aleah Matthews-Runner
    • Team Props: Natalie Dix, Kasia Przybyl, Jamie Kuhn
  • Hair/Make-up Designer: Keebler Straz
    • Assistant Hair and Makeup Designers: Mary Olive Gauthier, Megan Culligan, Sara Saltzer

Business Team

  • First Year Experience Director: Abby Doermann
  • External Community Coordinator: Gabriella Green
  • Team Building Coordinator: Jamie Joeyen-Waldorf
  • Community Secretary: Jenna Levine
  • Community Education Director: Meredith Mackey
  • Community Development Associate: Cairo Dye
  • Development Assistant: Jane Emma Barnett
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Jamie Bae
  • Fundraising Assistant: Holly Hinchliffe
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator: Katy Murphy
    • Alumni Relations Assistant: Carson Rogge
  • Events Team - Gala: Casey Watson
  • Events Team - Internal: Yianni Kinnas
  • Events Team - Alumni: Andrea Canizares-Fernandez
  • Events Team - Rock Show : Melissa Cagan
    • Rock Show - Director: Eddie Sanchez
    • Rock Show - Choreographer: Rosie Jo Neddy
  • Events Team - Graphics Designer : Alyssa Wisnieski
  • Events Team - [Insert Musical Here]: Emma Brick
  • Freshman Cabaret Co-Producer: Kimani Isaac
  • Events Assistants: Brian Cook and Allyson Snyder
  • Advertising Coordinators: Chamaya Moody and Andrew Harlan
  • Sales and Promotions Coordinator: Ellen Ehrsam
  • Newsletter Coordinator: Bradley Smith
  • Outreach Coordinator: Ross Cohen
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Marisa Pelowski
  • Marketing Assistant: Christopher Bayston, Kelsey Robins, Robyn Kimmel, Dani Cohen
  • Marketing Associate: Jonathan Gelb
  • Social Media Coordinator: Kimberly McBride
    • Social Media Assistant: Harley Kirchoff
  • Graphic Designer: Alex Schneidman
  • Merch Coordinator: Audrey DeLong
  • House Manager: Casey Norlin
    • Assistant House Managers: Emma Baime, Stavros Gorakis, Simi Bal

Rehearsal Team

  • Director: Maggie Monahan
    • Assistant Director: Jess Levin
  • Stage Manager: Josh Light
    • Assistant Stage Managers: Rachel Reizburg and Virginia Arguelles
  • Music Directors: Matthew Burgess and Landon Hegedus
    • Assistant Music Director: Saoirs Lee
  • Choreographer: Lauryn Schmelzer
    • Assistant Choreographers: Eliza Kang and Caroline Howells

Join the Team

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