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The following guides to some of the more technical aspects of student theatre were written by current and former members of StuCo. For any questions related to these guides, or suggestions of sections to add in future versions, please email <email></email>.


The StuCo Costuming Guide was written by Rachel Birnbaum, Kelsey Melvin, and Grayson Vreeland, and edited by David Griffin. It contains a succinct overview of how costume designing in StuCo works.


The StuCo Carpentry Guide was written by Evan Derrow and edited by David Griffin. It contains useful information on the construction of standard flats and platforms.


The StuCo Electrics Guide was written by Jeff Glass, Daniel Lazar, Danny Osburn, Aaron Quick, and David Griffin, and edited by David Griffin.


The StuCo Guide to Sound was written by Daniel Carlyon, Jeff Glass, and Aaron Quick and edited by David Griffin.