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The StuCo Co-Chairs are elected by the new and old StuCo Executive Heads at the first meeting of the new board. 2011-2012 was the first year in which this process became constitutionalized.

What is a StuCo Co-Chair?

There are 2 Co-Chairs, one of which also serves as the SOFO President of StuCo's SOFO account The duties of the Co-Chair/President are as follows:

  • Responsible for maintaining StuCo's commitment to its mission
  • Leading meetings of the StuCo Executive Heads
  • Acting as liason to Northwestern University administration (Norris, Theatre Advisory Board, etc.)
  • Acting as representative of StuCo on the Norris Student Advisory Board
  • Organizing and coordinating the yearly allocation of Norris spaces to StuCo shows for the year following their term
  • Running StuCo general audition conferrals

The duties of the other Co-Chair are as follows:

  • Keeping Up of the Student Theatre Listserv
  • Sending out TWIST, the weekly Student Theatre newsletter every Wednesday night
  • Serving as liaison to leaders of the Northwestern Theatre and Interpretation Center
  • Exploring philanthropic opportunities for the Student Theatre community
  • Running StuCo general audition conferrals

Current StuCo Co-Chairs

Former StuCo Co-Chairs







  • Erin Cutler, Vertigo President
  • Tracey Cook, Sit & Spin Executive Director


  • Chase Altenbern, Vertigo President
  • Sonya Roberts, Arts Alliance President


  • Andrew Tolbert, Sit & Spin Executive Director
  • Chase Altenbern, Vertigo President


  • Andrew Karas, Arts Alliance President
  • Jessica McKenna, Vertigo President


  • Carly Ciarrocchi, Vertigo President
  • Andrew Karas, Arts Alliance President