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Technical Manual

The StuCo Guide to Sound was written by Daniel Carlyon, Jeff Glass, and Aaron Quick and edited by David Griffin.

The StuCo Sound Stock

The StuCo sound stock consists of a 16 channel analog mixing console, a 16 channel digital mixing console, four active, 3-way speakers (2 Mackie thumps and the 2 Shanley towers), and 150' of XLR cable for connecting the speakers to the console. All of the StuCo sound system can be found in either the StuCo Cage or Shanley itself.


Usage and Scheduling

The sound system is available for use by any StuCo group for mainstage productions. If there are two shows in the same week that both require a sound system, the StuCo sound equipment will be allocated to the show in Norris (which requires a more powerful sound system). For more detailed usage and scheduling information, please read the Generic Sound System Contract for 2008-2009.

Norris Sound Equipment

Both McCormick Auditorium and the Louis Room are equipped with very high-quality sound systems, which are free for use by student groups. If you are planning to use it, though, make sure you mention it at both the six- and the two-week pre-production meetings with Norris staff, as a representative of Norris Technical Services will need to train everyone who will be using the system.

Rental Options

  • Edge Showtek
  • T.C. Furlong
  • AV Chicago
  • Minstrel Music - a music store in Niles that rents speakers and amps out of the back of the store
    • Pros: cheap, on the way to ILC
    • Cons: it's a little sketchy and they don't guarantee equipment availability, unlike some of the other (real) rental companies.
    • Directions to Minstrel
  • Jones Residential College also has assorted cables and microphones available for rent: Email the current Technical Director (Matthew Chong: 2016-2107) to inquire further
  • While not a full rental company, Daniel Carlyon has some assorted cables and adapters, as well as recording equipment, and a few small speakers ideal for location sounds (full list viewable here). Email him at <email></email> if you want to rent any of his equipment (items are available at his discretion).

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