Shrek the Musical

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Shrek the Musical
Shrek Poster.png
Directed by Marlee Rich
Artistic Producer Brandon Johnston
Business Producer Rachel Marchant
Written by Jeanine Tesori & David Lindsay-Abaire
Sponsored by The Dolphin Show
Show Dates January 24 - February 1
Venue Cahn Auditorium

Northwestern University’s Dolphin Show, America’s largest student-produced musical, is proud to present our 72nd annual production, SHREK THE MUSICAL. This year’s show, produced by School of Communications students Brandon Johnston and Rachel Marchant and directed by Marlee Rich, opens January 24th in Northwestern’s Cahn Auditorium and runs until February 1st.

About Shrek the Musical

SHREK THE MUSICAL, with music by Jeanine Tesori and book and lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire, debuted on Broadway in December 2008 and is based on the 2001 Dreamworks film and the 1990 book Shrek! by William Steig. SHREK tells the story of a swamp-living, bug-eating ogre and his journey to save a princess from an isolated tower. Along the way, Shrek encounters characters straight from our favorite fairytales and nursery rhymes while making new friends, experiencing new adventures, and finding true love in the most unexpected of places. SHREK reminds audiences that it is who you are and what you make of it that matters most in our lives, not what you appear to be.


  • Shrek: Alex Christ
  • Fiona: Lauren Lenke
  • Donkey: Chanse McCrary
  • Lord Farquaad: Zachary Freier-Harrison
  • Dragon: Carly Cozad
  • Pinocchio: Will Wilhelm
  • Gingy: Myrna Conn
  • Teen Fiona: Caroline Hatch
  • Mama Ogre: Chelsey Burger
  • Three Blind Mice:
    • Alyssa Gianetti
    • Kylie Mullins
    • Leah Platt
  • Three Little Pigs:
    • Andrew Lee
    • Daniel Liu
    • Geoff Ko
  • Wicked Witch: Yagmur Tok
  • Elf: Taylor Bostwick
  • Tweedle Dee: Mitchell Johnston
  • Fairy Godmother: Anne Martin
  • Mother Goose: Julia Namm
  • Humpty Dumpty: Kylie Mullins
  • Big Bad Wolf: Daniel Stromfeld
  • Papa Bear: Daniel Bender Stern
  • Mama Bear: Chelsey Burger
  • Baby Bear: Hayley Himmelman
  • White Rabbit: Casey Reed
  • Peter Pan: Nathan Villa
  • Mad Hatter: Charlotte Morris
  • Ugly Duckling: Tessa Dettman
  • Featured Dancers/Tappers:
    • Adhana Reid
    • Caroline Hatch
    • Carly Cozad
    • Kelsey Spencer
    • Vivian Prieto

Production Team

  • Executive Artistic Producer: Brandon Johnston
  • Executive Business Producer: Rachel Marchant
  • Director: Marlee Rose Rich
    • Assistant Director: Hannah Shealy
  • Co-Music Director: Adam Rothenberg
  • Co-Music Director: Ellen Morris
    • Assistant Music Director: Andrea Swanson
  • Choreographer: Kendall Beeman
    • Assistant Choreographer: Vatsala Kumar
  • Stage Manager: Kyle Largent
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Justin Tepper

Artistic Team

  • Executive Artistic Producer: Brandon Johnston
    • Assistant Artistic Producer: Brittany Blum
    • Assistant Artistic Producer: Rob Cassie
  • Co-Production Manager: Izzy Garcia
  • Co-Production Manager: Jack Eidson
  • Scenic Designer: Jack Eidson
    • Set Team:
      • Carl Pieri
      • Haley DeBoom
      • Rachel Inderhees
      • Zining Mok
  • Technical Director: Bryan Matias
  • Guest Carpenter: Nate Bartlett
  • Lighting Designer: Josh Gordon
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Brandon Nadig
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Matt Kresch
  • Co-Master Electrician: Dylan Reyno
  • Co-Master Electrician: Stephanie Kahn
    • Electricians:
      • Aaron Lorenz
      • Abraham Lam
      • Alex Freedman
      • Annalise Baer
      • Emm Fulk
      • Emma Horvath
      • Kaitland Postley
      • Kody Keckler
      • Josh Light
      • Megan Wines
      • Miranda Cawley
      • Paul Green
      • Raphael Grimes
      • Sam Prose
      • Tatyana Aravena
  • Co-Costume Designer: Sarah Wachtel
  • Co-Costume Designer: Veronica Johnson
    • Costumes Team:
      • Annie Warner
      • Avril Dominguez
      • Maggie Graham
  • Hair Designer: Veronica Johnson
  • Co-Make-up Designer: Melanie Vitaterna
  • Co-Make-up Designer: Veronica Johnson
  • Prosthetics Designer: Melanie Vitaterna
    • Make-up/Prosthetics Team:
      • Annie Warner
      • Faye Zhang
      • Laura Goldring
      • Maya Siu
  • Sound Designer: Matt Kania
    • Sound Team:
      • Michael Fagan
      • Morgan Markel
  • Properties Master: Nathan Lamp
    • Assistant Properties Designer: Hannah Shealy
    • Props Team:
      • Amanda Odasz
      • Janie Dickerson
      • Michael Fagan
  • Puppets Master: Chris Anselmo
  • Dramaturg: Aaron Simon Gross

Business Team

  • Executive Business Producer: Rachel Marchant
    • Assistant Business Producer: Cemre Paksoy
    • Assistant Business Producer: Wilson Shirley
  • Director of Advertising: Brannon Bowers
    • Advertising & Development Team:
      • Abby Albrecht
      • Maggie Graham
      • Rebecca Elowe
  • Director of Alumni Relations: Carrie Seavoy
    • Assistant Director of Alumni Relations: Dhwani Jain
  • Co-Director of Community Programming: Alison Mahoney
  • Co-Director of Community Programming: Khari Shelton
  • Director of Development: Sam Freedman
    • Assistant Director of Development: Jules Cantor
  • Director of Digital & Social Media: Anne Sundell
  • Director of Finance: Justin Connolly
  • Director of Marketing & Public Relations: Maddie Ambrose
    • Assistant Director of Public Relations: Avril Dominguez
  • Director of Sales & Promotions: Richard Fromm
  • Director of Special Events: Olivia Probetts
    • Assistant Director of Special Events: Drew Guerra
  • Rock Show Producer: Maisie Rose
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete

Want to get involved?

If you'd like to join the production team in any capacity, please email Executive Producers Brandon and Rachel at <email></email>. We'd love to have you join our Dolphin '14 family!

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