Shanley Pavilion

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Shanley Pavilion is a black box theater located behind Lunt Hall.


Shanley was built in the 1940's as an Army barracks. It was later converted to a mess hall. It was used for many years as a Facilities Management storage shed. In the 1980's it was made into a coffeehouse and run by a Co-op on campus. After the co-op disbanded, it became the student theatre venue it is today. It is currently the most commonly used StuCo performance venue. You can find out more about the history of Shanley Pavilion here.


  • A variety of 1.5" schedule 40 pipes (mostly 10ft. lengths)
  • Boom bases
  • Cheeseboroughs
  • Stage weights
  • Black curtaining in various shapes and sizes
  • 2x 12-circuit ETC Sensor portable dimmer packs
  • A rolling lighting rack which holds the Shanley Stock of lights.
  • For seating options, there are various platforms, a few tables, and at least 130 chairs.

Technical Drawings