Shanley Pavilion

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Shanley Pavilion is a black box theater located behind Lunt Hall.


Shanley was built in the 1940's as an Army barracks. It was later converted to a mess hall. It was used for many years as a Facilities Management storage shed. In the 1980's it was made into a coffeehouse and run by a Co-op on campus. After the co-op disbanded, it became the student theatre venue it is today. It is currently the most commonly used StuCo performance venue. You can find out more about the history of Shanley Pavilion here.

Lighting and Sound

  • 6 permanent multicables (four ziptied near the first column, two ziptied near the far column)
  • 1 100ft. DMX cable (run through the hole in dressing room and zip tied near tech table)
  • 1 50ft. DMX cable
  • 10 6x9 inch ellipsoidals
  • 5 4.5x6 inch ellipsoidals
  • 8 6 inch Fresnels
  • 1 Altman MFL PAR
  • 2 Altman WFL PARs
  • 3 26 degree Source Four Jrs
  • 7 36 degree Source Four Jrs
  • 16 two-fers
  • 6 male stagepin to female Edison adapters
  • 1 male Edison to female stagepin adapter (for testing lights during checkout)
  • 21 Cheeseboroughs + bucket
  • 7 sidearms
  • at least 10 boom bases (total of 16, 10 live in Shanley, the other 6 can float between Norris and Shanley)


  • 98 pink chairs
  • 15 regular risers
  • 1 tech table riser
  • 1 6ft. ladder
  • 2 8ft. ladders
  • 1 10ft. ladder

Technical Drawings