My Fair Lady

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My Fair Lady
Directed by Tristan Powell
Produced by Rachel Birnbaum and Louis Schermerhorn
Sponsored by Arts Alliance
Show Dates January 25 - February 2nd, 2013
Venue Cahn Auditorium


"Just You Wait"

Lerner and Loewe’s work of music theatre genius, My Fair Lady, astonished and delighted audiences and critics alike with its original 1956 production and subsequent Academy Award winning film adaptation. Expertly re-imagining George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, the piece, like all truly captivating theatre, tells a story of great transformation. Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flower girl, becomes the subject of a bet proposed to a local speech scientist, Henry Higgins. Can she be transformed from a lowly street beggar to a true English lady, simply by learning to re-articulate her speech? It is Higgins’ own over-zealous confidence and egotistical delight that, contrasted with Eliza’s self-determination and gentleness, exposes the universal human need to take control of one’s own life. Eliza is not a woman of her time; she is brash, honest, and dares to dream of something better. She is also of a low class, and her sudden rise to aristocratic heights is a dizzying affair, which, in a time when social mobility is considered a pre-condition for successful democracy, must be explored and reconsidered. Yet even as Eliza begins to experience the increased respect and privilege that comes with being a ‘dignified’ member of English society, she also begins to understand the ways in which we are asked to pass, to cover over the parts of ourselves that are deemed unfit, or improper.


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In Order of Appearance

  • Mrs. Eynsford-Hill: Tasia Hoffman
Eliza Doolittle: Lillie Cummings

  • Freddy Eynsford-Hill: Judd Korman
  • Bystander: Garrett Hanson

  • Another Bystander: Emily Lane

  • Hoxton Man: Isabel Thompson
  • Selsey Man: Will Wilhelm
  • Colonel Pickering: Jake Perlman

  • Henry Higgins: Nick Day

  • Cockney Quartet: Johnny Langan, Sam Garrott, Austin James, Collin Rice
  • Bartender: Ben Rotter
  • Harry: Hillary Aarons
  • Jamie: Fergus Inder

  • Alfred P. Doolittle: Gaby Hornig

  • Angry Woman: Elizabeth Dauterman
  • Angry Man: Johnny Langan
  • Mrs. Pearce: Brittany Blum
  • Servants Sextet: Ashley Austin, Jason Byer, Kara Dunlevy, Alana Grossman, Eliza Palasz, Collin Rice

  • Mrs. Hopkins: Hannah Carroll, Aleah Papes, Marlee Rich, Katherine Scott, Lizzy Wigley

  • Mrs. Higgins: Justin Schuman
  • Charles the Chauffeur: Logan Bitz Daum
  • Lord Boxington: Daniel Liu

  • Lady Boxington: Anne Martin

  • Policeman: Johnny Langan
  • Flower Girl: Kylie Mullins

  • Zoltan Karpathy: Michael Fleischer

  • Queen of Transylvania: Ilana Goldstein

  • First Cockney: Garrett Hanson

  • Second Cockney: Andrew Lee

  • Third Cockney: Johnny Langan

  • Mrs. Higgins's Maid: Natalie Robinson

Featured Dancers

* Elizabeth Dauterman, * Tasia Hoffman, Vivian Prieto, Marlee Rich, Alyssa Sarnoff, Katherine Scott


Ashley Austin, Jason Byer, Hannah Carroll, Logan Bitz Daum, Elizabeth Dauterman, Kara Dunlevy, Michael Fleischer, Sam Garrott, Ilana Goldstein, Alana Grossman, Garrett Hanson, Tasia Hoffman, Austin James, Emily Lane, Johnny Langan, Andrew Lee, Daniel Liu, Anne Martin, Kylie Mullins, Eliza Palasz, Aleah Papes, Vivian Prieto, Collin Rice, Marlee Rich, Natalie Robinson, Ben Rotter, Alyssa Sarnoff, Katherine Scott, Isabel Thompson, Lizzy Wigley, Will Wilhelm

* Denotes dance captains


ELIZA DOOLITTLE: Eliza Palasz, HENRY HIGGINS: Jake Perlman, PICKERING: Gaby Hornig, DOOLITTLE: Fergus Inder, MRS. PEARCE: Alana Grossman, MRS. HIGGINS/MRS. E-H: Kara Dunlevy, FREDDY: Jason Byer, HARRY/JAMIE: Will Wilhelm

Production Team

  • Executive Producers: Rachel Birnbaum and Louis Schermerhorn
    • Assistant Artistic Producer: Brandon Johnston
    • Assistant Artistic Producer: Sam Mueller
    • Assistant Business Producer: Maddie Ambrose
    • Assistant Business Producer: Rachel Marchant
  • Director: Tristan Powell
  • Music Directors: Ellen Morris and Kevin Scott
    • Music Assistant: Christopher Anselmo
  • Choreographer: John Allman
  • Stage Manager: Melanie Gertzman
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Largent
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Erin Holiday

Artistic Team

  • Production Manager: JJ Marquis
    • Assistant Production Manager: Alex Gold
    • Production Assistants: Emily Wills, Ian Piper, Shannon Grogans, Mei Gao
  • Scenic Designer: Elli Williamson
  • Technical Director: Josh Gordon
    • Assistant Technical Director: Jack Eidson
  • Welder and Master Carpenter: Alex Goodman
    • Scenic Carpenters: Matt Moynihan, Samantha Egle, James Williamson, Adam Birnbaum, Sam Sprague, Kate Matias, Gabe Orozco
    • Paint Captain: Olivia Probetts
    • Set/Props Run Crew: Samantha Spoll, Carly Kleinbart, Evan Handler, Hayley Himmelman, Sara Kase
  • Lighting Designer: David Griffin
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Emm Fulk, Jackie Bautista
    • Lights Team: Brandon Nadig, Emily Liquin, Ann Brennan, Stephanie Kahn, Abraham Lam, Dylan Rogers, Dylan Reyno, Lacey Weeks, Gus Santillan
    • Programmer: Dylan Reyno
    • Board Operator: Ann Brennan
    • Follow Spot Operators: Sam Douglas, Andrea Cunningham, Merav Ellis
  • Master Electrician: Megan Wines
    • Electricians: Michael Nowakowski, Michael Creatura
  • Costume Designer: Chelsea Taylor
    • Stitcher/Draper: Sarah Wachtel
    • Costume Team: Veronica Johnson, Daphna Weinstock, Grace Wright, Janice Theard, Taylor Dabbah, Cate Walters, Javier Chapa, Nikki Rosengren, Lucy Henningsgaard, Victoria Zapater-Charrette, Grace Kennedy, Alaura Hernandez
    • Costume Run Crew: Javi Chapa, Lucy Hennisgard, Alaura Hernandez, Anna Civik, Daniel Bender Stern, Cate Walters
  • Hat and Accessories Designer: Cassie Bowers
    • Hats and Accessories Team: Victoria Kuritza, Eva Victor, Andie Forsee
  • Sound Designer and Engineer: Grover Hollway
    • Assistant Sound Designer and Engineer: Matthew Cassoli
    • Microphone Technician: Kathy Hong
  • Properties Master: Emma Pardini
    • Properties Assistants: Emily Fishkin, Grace Devlin
  • Hair/Make-up Designer: Bridget McNamara
    • Hair/Make-Up Assistants: Jessica Zawadzki, Alyssa Cook, Quinn Hegarty, Akosua Owusu-Akyaw
  • Dramaturg: Aaron Simon Gross
  • Cast Dialect Coach: Marion Hill

Business Team

  • Director of Advertising: Brannon Bowers
    • Associate Director of Advertising: Becca Wu
  • Director of Alumni Relations: Khari Shelton
    • Associate Director of Alumni Relations: Ariel Kang
  • Director of Community Programming: Izzy Garcia
    • Institutional Outreach: Amy Vergara
  • Director of Development: Justin Connolly
    • Development Team: Hillary Hubley, Kathy Hong
  • Director of Digital Media: Patrick Beecher
    • Digital Media Producer: Nicole Borden
  • Director of Finance: Dylan Pickus
  • Director of Public Relations: Jesse Rothschild
    • On Campus Public Relations Director: Nikki Adler
    • Multimedia Pubic Relations Coordinator: Tessa Lueth
  • Director of Sales and Promotions: Olivia Probetts
    • Associate Promotions Director: Kendall Beeman
  • Director of Special Events: Ashley Thompson
    • Party Planning Assistant: Carrie Seavoy
    • Freshman Cabaret Producers: Emily Fishkin and Grace Devlin
    • Rock Show - "It's a Hard Rock Life" Producer: Maisie Rose
    • Rock Show - "It's a Hard Rock Life" Director: Ilana Peña
    • Date Auction Producer: Carrie Seavoy and Rabail Habib
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete

Pit Orchestra

Violin I

  • Maya Cohon


  • James Chang
  • Emily Oing
  • Johan Qin
  • Lena Vidulich

Violin II

  • Yoon Lee
  • Tova Yampolsky
  • Paulina Senderova


  • Lydia Ramsey
  • Michael Reddick
  • Max Sorett


  • Peter Illhardt


  • Analiese Trimber


  • Zachary Borowiec


  • Morgan Kent
  • Matthew Wedig


  • Emily Steingardt


  • Zachary Thomas
  • Matthew Barker


  • Laura Brisson
  • Seth Kelley


  • Joseph Dubas
  • Cameron Kerl


  • Sam Baronowsky


  • Sarah Wachtel


  • Matthew Morrow


  • Ellen Morris