Mother Hicks

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Mother Hicks
Directed by Jacobi Alvarez
Produced by Lucy Ahlborn
Written by Suzan Zeder
Sponsored by Purple Crayon Players
Show Dates February 28th - March 2nd, 2012
Venue McCormick Auditorium

The Story

Mother Hicks by Suzan Zeder is a play about love, friendship, and finding your way towards your own true self. It features a nameless child, an outcast woman, and a deaf man named Tuc with the ability to "taste the sunrise". Set in the Midwest town of Ware during the Depression, the story is a poignant and hilarious journey towards discovering the power to define your own life, rather than allowing your past to shadow your true self. Most importantly, Mother Hicks gracefully deals with the inevitability of hardship, and the beauty and importance of real friendship. An ensemble narrates for Tuc, combining movement and language to create a unique sign-language storytelling event.

Our Production

Mother Hicks is Purple Crayon Player's Winter Touring Show, meaning in the spring our cast will be travelling to local Chicagoland elementary schools and performing our production for young audiences! Please email us at with questions about our tour, or to request a performance.

Show Times and Dates

February 28th - 7 pm

March 1st - 7pm & 10pm

March 2nd - 2pm & 7pm

In McCormick Auditorium in the Norris Student Center [1]


$10 General Admission/ $5 NU Students/ Children 18 and under - Free!


Mother Hicks: Selina Fillinger

Girl: Emily Wills

Tuc: Kyle Hancher

Ensemble + Izzy: Chelsea Taylor

Ensemble + Alma: Anna Basile

Ensemble + Jake/Hosiah: Jacob Trauberman

Ensemble + Clovis: Nathan Lamp

Ensemble + Howie/Wilson: Javier Chapa

Ensemble + Ricky: Galya Loeb

Production Team

  • Producer: Lucy Ahlborn
  • Associate Producer: Sam Garrott
  • Director: Jacobi Alvarez
  • Assistant Choreographer: Katherine Scott
  • Guest Choreographer: Hillary Aarons
  • Stage Manager: Rebecca Haines
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Leshin
  • Dramaturg: Jackie Elder
  • ASL Coach: Kayla Hammersmith
  • Set Designer: Louis Schermerhorn
  • Set Consultants: Jeff Sachs, Rachel Birnbaum
  • Technical Director: Alex Shaffer
  • Lighting Designer: Dylan Reyno
  • Assistant Lighting Design: Raphael Grimes
  • Lighting Consultant: Alison Mahoney
  • Sound Designer: Conor Keelan
  • Costume Designer: Amelia Bell
  • Assistant Costume Design: Megan Riley
  • Co-props Designers: Aurora Real de Asua, Nick Raef
  • Fundraising Director: Maddie Ambrose
  • Fundraising Team: Anna Civik
  • Publicity Director: Lindsay Amer
  • Publicity Team: Khari Shelton, Olivia Probetts
  • Graphics Designer: Phoebe Brooks
  • Outreach Coordinator: Emily Baldwin
  • Production Photographer: Rafi Letzer
  • Promotion Videographer: Hillary Back

Email Lucy Ahlborn about joining our production team at!