Merrily We Roll Along

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Merrily We Roll Along
Directed by Aaron Simon Gross
Produced by Caitlin Medina
Written by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth
Sponsored by Spectrum Theatre Company
Show Dates May 7-9, 2015
Venue McCormick Auditorium

Where do we draw the line between betraying the ideals that make us who we are and simply growing up? Moving backwards over the course of twenty years of Franklin Shepard's life, Merrily We Roll Along traces the decisions he faces and the compromises he makes in order to become obscenely wealthy, monstrously successful and, suddenly, alone.


Thursday, May 7: 8 PM

Friday, May 8: 7 PM

Friday, May 8: 11 PM

Saturday, May 9: 2 PM

Saturday, May 9: 8 PM


McCormick Auditorium, first floor of Norris University Center. 1999 Campus Drive, Evanston IL


Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for general admission.

Seat reservations may be made in advance under special circumstances. Please email and we will be happy to help you!


If you would be interested in donating to the show (and subsequently making all of our wildest dreams come true) you can do so online at

Thank you for your support!!!


Franklin Shepard: Reed Lancaster

Mary Flynn: Maisie Rose

Charley Kringas: Chris Paul

Gussie Carnegie: Alex Getlin

Beth Spencer: Jessie Klueter

Joe Josephson: Max Kramer

Frank Jr.: Will Shapiro

Terry: Sam Shankman

KT: Bex Siegel

Tyler: Dan Leahy

Meg: Jamie Yarmoff

Scotty: Julie Busch

Jerome: Daniel Bender Stern

Dory: Janie Dickerson

Bunker: Tessa Dettman

Ru: Alex Willis

Production Team

Producer: Caitlin Medina

  • Assistant Producers: Andrew Restieri & Gustavo Berrizbeitia

Director: Aaron Simon Gross

Music Director: Walker McKinney

  • Assistant Music Director: Matthew Burgess

Choreographer: Rosie Jo Neddy

Stage Manager: Michael Herwitz

  • Assistant Stage Managers: Meryl Crock and Bridget McNamara

Set Designer: Melissa McSweeney

Technical Director: Luke Miller

Lighting Designer: Matt Kresch

  • Assistant Lighting Designer: Prateek Singh

Master Electrician: Raphael Grimes

Sound Engineer: Doug Pinckney

Costume Designer: Samantha Nagler

  • Assistant Costume Designer: Abby Weissman

Make Up & Hair Designer: Melanie Vitaterna

Props Designer: Michael Fagan

  • Assistant Props Designer: Isabel Robertson

Dramaturg: Aaron Simon Gross

Fight Choreographer: Max Kramer

Co-Publicity Directors: Maisie Rose & Bradley Smith

Fundraising Director: Grace Hamilton-Vargo

Graphic Designer: Alex Bird

Interested in joining the Merrily We Roll Along team? Email <email> </email> to get involved!