McCormick Tribune Center Forum

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The McCormick Tribute Center Forum is a small theater space with seating for approximately 150 people. It is located in the McCormick Tribune Center.


Though the Forum is available for rental my any group, the only performance groups who routinely do so are the Titanic Players, a long-form improv troupe on campus. Various a capella groups have used the Forum as a venue as well, and StuCo boards occasionally use the space to host special events.

Technical Details

The Forum has a full lighting grid comprising 140 twist-lock sockets (and associated dimmers), 90 of which are located directly over the stage.

The Medill School of Journalism maintains a minimal set of instruments permanently mounted on the lighting grid to provide illumination for lectures, presentations, and events. However, these instruments are typically not well maintained and should not be relied upon for theatrical productions whenever possible.

Because the Forum is used as a lecture-hall when classes are in session, no set pieces can be stored on the stage during this time. However, set units can be storage backstage or in the wings as long as such set pieces do not obstruct exits or emergency equipment.