McCormick Auditorium

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McCormick Auditorium is an approximately 300-seat lecture hall and theater located on the first floor of Norris University Center.

Technical Notes


  • Norris does not allow the use of saws of any kind in the Norris performance spaces. Routers and welding equipment are similarly disallowed. All use of these tools must be done offsite. For more details, see the Norris Performance Guidelines.
  • All set pieces must be loaded into the space through a set of standard-size double doors on the east (stage left) side of the house. Large sets should be constructed with this in mind.
  • A number of large black curtains which can be used for masking are stored in the StuCo Cage.
  • The Norris Performance Guidelines prohibit sets in McCormick Auditorium from exceeding 18' in height, including freestanding truss.


  • There is a 3-phase, 100 Amp cam*lok panel located in the rear of the booth, which a dimmer rack (usually the StuCo Dimmer Rack) can be tied into. The panel's distance from the stage means that the majority of shows either:
    • Place the dimmer rack in the booth, rent a short (10') set of feeder cable to power the dimmer rack, and use long runs of multicable/jumper to reach the desired lighting positions. Or,
    • Place the dimmer rack somewhere backstage (often stage right), rent a long (150'+) set of feeder cable to power the dimmer rack, and use multicable/jumper run to the desired lighting positions. This is a popular options for shows which traditionally have a large number of sidelight/toplight instruments on the stage itself.
  • Though there are stagepin pigtails in the cove which terminate by the cam-lock panel in the booth, these are often unreliable and fidgety. Running rented jumper/multicable is a much safer option.
  • Shows in McCormick Auditorium have access to the StuCo Utility Truss, as well as the booms and pipe bases that are stored in the balcony of The Louis Room.
  • Shows in McCormick Auditorium have the use of the StuCo Dimmer Rack reserved for them at the beginning of the year. Use of the dimmer rack and other pieces of StuCo equipment are specified on the StuCo Equipment Schedule.

Technical Drawings