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What is StuCo?

The Northwestern Student Theatre Coalition, or StuCo for short, is a collective of nine student theatre groups and two dance groups, each with its own executive board and mainstage performance series. StuCo exists to provide organizational support for the common practices of the student theatre community at Northwestern, including general auditions for shows, space allocation, and acquisition and maintenance of shared equipment (such as the StuCo lighting consoles and sound system).

Events and issues affecting all of StuCo are addressed by the StuCo Executive Heads as headed by the StuCo Co-Chairs.

Where do I Start?

  • Each of the twelve StuCo Member Boards is listed below - you can learn about the history of the individual Member Boards and their upcoming seasons on each Board's page. Additionally, most StuCo shows (past, present, and future) maintain individual pages detailing their casts and production teams - these are accessible from the Member Boards' pages or via the search box to the left.
  • Information about technical theatre resources is listed below by design category; groundplans and useful information on individual venues are listed below as well.
  • All interested students are encouraged to sign up for the StuCo listserv, TWIST, a weekly information newsletter with information about future shows, events, and production team vacancies. If you have problems accessing the form, log into Wildcat Connection and try again.
  • You can see the FAQs for answers to specific questions about StuCo.

I Want to Contribute!

The StuCo Wiki is the repository of information relating to all StuCo projects. All members of the Northwestern community are welcome to edit and contribute.

  • Head to Create Account.
  • Enter a username (preferably FirstLast).
  • Click "Create with Google."
  • Log into your email address.
  • Start editing!

For specifics on editing or creating show pages, head to the Help section. You can brush up on Wiki formatting techniques here.

Want the Equipment Managers to add or change something? Let them know here!

The StuCo Member Boards

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Technical Resources

Performance Venues

Other Useful Info