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Mission Statement

Lipstick Theatre is Northwestern’s only theatre group dedicated to tackling women’s issues through performance and providing women and non-binary theatre artists with opportunities for artistic growth and expression.

The objectives of Lipstick Theatre are to produce dramatic works written by women playwrights, have strong women characters, have a largely women-based ensemble, or address women’s issues.

2018-2019 Season

Mainstage Shows

Fall Mainstage: Earthquake Chica
By Anne García Romero
November 29 - December 1st - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by Lucia Boyd
  • Directed by Farrah Sklar

Winter Mainstage: Venus in Fur
By David Ives
February 7-9 - Shanley Pavilion

  • Produced by Rachel Khurtorsky
  • Directed by Jess Levin

Spring Mainstage: Burlesque (2019)

  • Produced by Samuel Maude
  • Directed by Sean Finnegan, Adam Davies, and Alex Fecteau

2019-2020 Executive Board

Activism Director, Co-Chair - Lena Dudley
Artistic Director, Co-Chair - Zoe Johnson
Executive Director, Co-Chair - Lydia Hartman
Business Manager - Saidie Stone
Co-Marketing Director - Samantha Casesa
Co-Production Manager - Jesse Rudnik
Production Mentor - Meredith Mackey
Design Supervisor - Emma Raimi
Technical Director - Noah Kudman
Co-Stage Management Liason - Megan Reynolds
Co-Stage Management Liason - Lauren Kadavy
Special Events Director - Riley Nelson
Engagement Chair - Sophia Blake
Co-Development Director - Brian Cook
Co-Development Director - Paia Amelio
Literary Manager - Emily Burns
Company Manager - Melissa Lewyn
Old Man Lindo - Lindsey Weiss


Past Seasons
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