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Technical Manual

The StuCo Electrics Guide was written by Jeff Glass, Daniel Lazar, Danny Osburn, Aaron Quick, and David Griffin, and edited by David Griffin.

StuCo-Owned Lighting Equipment

Cahn/ Shanley Stock

Student shows also have the option of renting from a stock of older, used instruments from Cahn Auditorium. Though these instruments are in poorer shape than those provided by the professional companies above, they are significantly cheaper and more convenient.

There is also a Shanley Stock of lights similar in condition to the ones available from Cahn but much more convenient for shows in Shanley. These lights are kept on a rolling rack in Shanley.

Wirtz Center

The Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts owns a gel stock, gobo stock, and a variety of different gel strings for use in Wybron 7" Forerunner scroller units that they will occasionally rent to StuCo shows. Information on the gel strings can be found here: [1]

Rental Companies

Most student shows tend to rent equipment from ILC because it is closest, but there are three main lighting rental companies in Chicago that shows have rented equipment from in the past.