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Directed by Aaron Simon Gross
Produced by Brandon Nadig and Alex Wolfe
Show Dates January 22 - January 30, 2016
Venue Cahn Auditorium

Northwestern University’s Dolphin Show, America’s largest student-produced musical, is proud to present our 74th annual production, Gypsy. This year’s show, produced by Brandon Nadig and Alex Wolfe, and directed by Aaron Simon Gross, opens January 22nd in Northwestern’s Cahn Auditorium and runs until January 30th.


From the second Louise Hovick is born, she is used by her mother Rose as a means into the world of show business, playing second-fiddle to her sister June in the acts Rose has created. When a night’s dream validates Rose’s desire to escape the quiet mundanity of small-town life, Louise and June are taken on the road, hurdling across America without turning back.

The electricity of change radiates in the air as the ‘20s meld into the ‘30s, as vaudeville falls into burlesque, as shy Louise transforms into the burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee.

When we are liberated from the only environment we have ever known, who do we become? What identifies do we forge for ourselves?


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Winter Generals are October 3 and 4. We will be in the plays and musicals auditions rooms. We look forward to seeing everyone audition!

Production Team

  • Executive Producers: Brandon Nadig and Alex Wolfe
    • Assistant Business Producer: Ellen Ehrsam
  • Director: Aaron Simon Gross
    • Assistant Director: Joan Sergay
  • Music Directors: Jon Bauerfeld and Geoff Ko
  • Choreographer: Rosie Jo Neddy
    • Assistant Choreographer: Sam Riese
  • Stage Manager: Jackie Bautista
  • Company Manager: Casey Norlin

Artistic Team

  • Production Managers: Rob Cassie and Caitlin Medina
  • Scenic Designer: Joe Entenman
    • Assistant Scenic Designers: Dinnie Jay and Axel Mark
  • Technical Director: Isadora Porte
    • Assistant Technical Director: Jessie Baldinger
  • Master Carpenter: Sasha Weiss
  • Scenic Painter: Maya Fazio-Siu
    • Assistant Scenic Painter: Mallory Harrington
  • Lighting Designer: Dylan Reyno
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Sean Gundersen
    • Lighting Team Team: Ryan Miller
  • Master Electricians: Raphael Grimes and Matt Kresch
  • Costume Designer: Veronica Johnson
    • Head Assistant Costume Designer: Emily Blim
    • Wardrobe Manager: Sarah Andersen
  • Sound Designer: Michael Rogerson
  • Sound Engineer: Matthew Cassoli
  • Props Designer: Chris Porter
  • Hair/Make-up Designer: Keebler Straz
  • Dramaturg: Shara Feit

Business Team

  • Directors of Advertising: Dan Leahy and Leah Platt
    • Advertising Team: Alex Milinazzo and Sarah Muller
  • Director of Alumni Relations: Andrea Canizares-Fernandez
  • Director of Community Programming: Courtney Quinn
  • Director of Development: Grace Hamilton-Vargo
    • Development Team: Matthew Burgess and Mahek Tulsiani
  • Director of Digital and Social Media: Alana Basil
    • Associate Director of Digital and Social Media: Devon Levy
  • Director of Finance: Janie Dickerson
    • Associate Director of Finance: Andrew Restieri
  • Director of Marketing and Public Relations: Abby Albrecht
    • Associate Director of Marketing and Public Relations: Chamaya Moody
  • Directors of Outreach: Sophia Carbonell and Michael Fagan
  • Director of Sales and Promotions: Bailey LePage
  • Directors of Special Events: Drew Guerra and Alex Kramer
    • Rock Show - Producer: Tristan Chiruvolu
    • Rock Show - Director: Aurora Real de Asua
  • Graphic Designer: Jason Yuan
  • Webmaster: Mariah Copeland

Special Events

For this school year, the Dolphin Show made a large effort to expand opportunity for students across campus with new partnerships, initiatives, and special events.

Check out the pages is the links below for more information about the various projects for DS74:

Many more partnerships are in the works, such as a vaudeville-themed performance evening with Mayfest and NUDM volunteering days. Be on the look out for more!

Join the Team

If you want to get involved in the 74th Annual Dolphin Show, please email!