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Welcome to the StuCo FAQ!

Here the StuCo Equipment Manager, assisted by various other StuCo Executive Heads, will answer questions about what StuCo is, how it functions, and various other things. If you would like to ask a question, please email <email> nustucoequipment@gmail.com</email>.

General Questions

What is StuCo?

StuCo (short for "Student Theatre Coalition") is a coalition of 9 ASG-recognized theatre boards and 2 ASG-recognized dance groups, all of which are fully student-run and produce at least 1 show a year. The coalition exists to ease the sharing of resources, the relationship with University and Norris administration, and the financial burden of technical equipment.

What does StuCo do?

  • StuCo and the Theatre and Interpretation Center organize quarterly general auditions.
  • StuCo organizes petitions for freshman board representatives, board members, producers, and directors.
  • StuCo interfaces with University and Norris administration to make it easier on member organizations to reserve performance space and equipment and resolve conflicts
  • StuCo maintains an inventory of equipment that is assigned to StuCo shows at the discretion of the Equipment Manager (see the StuCo Equipment Schedule)
  • StuCo provides a central location for inquiries about Northwestern Student Theatre; email either of the StuCo Co-Chairs or the StuCo Equipment Manager with questions.

Who is StuCo?

In the larger sense, anyone who has ever worked on a StuCo show is a member of StuCo.

However, in the administrative sense, StuCo consists of the 10 member Executive Boards, all of which send their president (or equivalent position) to monthly StuCo Executive Heads meetings. The StuCo Co-Chairs run these meetings. Also on the Executive Board are the StuCo Equipment Manager and StuCo Senator.

Who can get involved with StuCo?

Anyone can get involved with StuCo! You don't have to be a theatre major or have any experience with theatre, just jump in.

How can I get involved with StuCo?

Sign up for TWIST and watch for ads detailing positions that still need to be filled.

You are also encouraged to email producers or people you would like to assist directly.

If you want to be cast in shows, know that auditions happen every quarter for the next quarter's StuCo and TIC shows, as well as various special projects (Winter quarter shows audition in Fall quarter, and so on). There are a few exceptions to this: most fall shows, for example, hold their auditions during the first week of fall classes so that incoming freshmen have a chance to get cast.

Where can I learn more?

To learn about specific StuCo boards, explore their StuCo Wiki pages (you can find links to those on the main page or the left side of your screen). Most boards have their own external website as well; there are links to those on the Main Page.

To learn about a specific shows, check out it's wiki page.

Feel free to ask questions of the StuCo Co-Chairs, StuCo Executive Heads, StuCo Equipment Manager, or anyone else involved in StuCo!

Audition Questions

When are auditions?

StuCo Fall Generals are typically at the end of the first or second week of Fall Quarter classes.

Winter Generals are typically the second or third week of Fall Quarter classes.

Spring Generals are typically a few weeks into Winter Quarter classes.

TIC has separate Fall auditions in Spring Quarter as do StuCo Early Fall shows.

Special event and performance group auditions are typically separate from the General Auditions. Check out TWIST to see if anything is auditioning!

What shows are auditioning next quarter?

This changes for every set of auditions. Please see the Audition Information page for more details.

How do auditions work?

First, sign up for an audition slot on the StuCo or TIC callboards in TIC (where exactly changes depending on the audition cycle).

Fill out an audition form, and make sure to come a little earlier than the time slot you signed up for so things can stay as on time as possible.

Shortly after auditions, callback lists will be posted. Sometimes a callback schedule will be posted with the lists, though it may also come separately. Check to see if you've been called back for multiple shows at the same time. If you have a conflict, contact the shows in question so you can reschedule.

After callbacks, you should fill out a pref sheet on the 3rd floor of Norris for your StuCo callbacks, and email the Artistic Director of TIC with your preferences for TIC shows. Your preferences are the most important part of resolving conflicts between shows, so the power is yours. Choose wisely!

Cast lists are posted after a conferral session between TIC, StuCo, and any other groups involved with auditions. Any information pertaining to preferences both from auditioners, directors, producers, and stage managers is completely confidential will not be released.

What should I prepare?

Generally, you should prepare 2 minutes of contrasting material (either songs or monologues) for each audition. A given show may be looking for something specific (e.g. a monologue in verse), so check the StuCo and TIC callboards for more information for each audition cycle.

Technical Information

What can I do?

Anything and everything you want! StuCo is first and foremost a place to learn. Figure out what you're interested in, and go for it! If you have any questions about technical theatre, email the StuCo Equipment Manager at <email> nustucoequipment@gmail.com</email>!

But I'm just an actor!

This was true of a lot of people before the came to Northwestern. StuCo really is a place where everyone can do a little bit of everything; there isn't an actor/techie split like there is in other places. Of course, some people are exclusively actors and some are exclusively technicians and/or designers, but many are "theatre artists" who work in many different areas.

But I've never done {insert thing} before!

StuCo is a great resource for those interested in picking up a new theatrical skill. Figure out what you're interested in and go for it: You can begin by assisting someone, by hanging out during a tech week and letting people teach you, or by jumping right in as a designer and asking people for help as you need it. For those that are interested, the Theatre Department offers design and stage management classes, though they can be difficult to get into if you aren't a theatre major or minor.

Where can I learn more?

Exploring this wiki and the various board websites (linked on the left side of the page) are great places to start.

If you have more specific questions, you should email a producer or designer in the appropriate area (you can find out who these people are by checking out the wiki pages for current shows).

Finaly, you can always email the StuCo Equipment Manager with any questions at <email> Equipment@nustudenttheatre.org</email>.

Theatre Major Only Questions

What is 140-3 and how does it affect my StuCo life?

140-3 is a freshman-only class where you are required to work in one of the shops in TIC from 2-5 on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. You will also be required to be on the run crew for 1 of the TIC mainstage shows. These run for 1-3 weekends (usually 2). During tech weeks for your run crew show, you are not required to go to your shop hours.

You are not allowed to audition for shows that go up the quarter that you have 140-3. According to the Theatre Department, you are not supposed to work on StuCo shows during your 140-3 quarter, either. However, it is definitely possible (and not at all unheard of) to be involved in a StuCo production during your 140-3 quarter.

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