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Carousel poster.jpg
Directed by Tyler Beattie
Artistic Producer Deanna Hope
Business Producer Brittney Bahlman
Written by Richard Rodgers
and Oscar Hammerstein II
Sponsored by Arts Alliance
Show Dates Jan. 25-27 and Feb. 1-3, 2008
Venue Cahn Auditorium

Carousel was the The 66th Annual Dolphin Show

Dolphin Executive Board 2008

  • Artistic Producer: Deanna Hope
  • Business Producer: Brittney Bahlman
  • Production Manager: Juliette Rapala
  • Company Manager: Katie Martin
  • Director of Finance: Julie Hoerl
  • Director of Development: Jessica Malashevich
  • Director of Publicity and Public Relations: Scott Weinstein
  • Director of Special Events: Rebecca Davis
  • Director of Corporate Relations: Tracy MacKenzie
  • Director of Alumni Relations: Zachary Baer
  • Director of Design: Evan Twohy


  • Billy Bigelow: Jason Heymann
  • Julie Jordan/Louis Bigelow: Emma Rosenthal
  • Mullin/Starkpr/Seldon: Catherine LeFrere
  • Nettie/Julie Bigelow: Lauren Rankin
  • Carrie Pipperidge: Sally Eidman
  • Jigger: Peter Terry
  • Enoch Snow: Alex Weisman
  • Arminy/1st Heavenly Angel: Meg Steedle
  • Virginia/2nd Heavenly Angel: Danielle Gaines
  • Carnival Boy/Ensemble: Mark Underhill
  • Mr. Bascombe/Ensemble: Devin Archer
  • Enoch Snow Jr./Ensemble: Jesse Greenwald
  • Snow Daughter/Ensemble: Andrea Hochkeppel
  • Ensemble: Casey Bishop, Johnson Brock, Robert Dowling, Madeline Duffy-Feins, Ashley Eskew, Andrew Howard, Laura Huizenga, Kate Kirschner, Joyee Lin, Spencer Squire, Andrew Tolbert, Kim Tolksdorf, and Rebecca Warm

Artistic Team

Production Team

  • Artistic Producer: Deanna Hope
  • Asst. Producers: Brandon Harrington and Jamie White
  • Production Assistant: Jennifer Skene
  • Production Manager: Juliette Rapala
  • Company Manager: Katie Martin
  • Asst. Company Managers: Will Selnick and Jordan Puckett

Direction Team

  • Director: Tyler Beattie
  • Asst. Director: Anakin Morris
  • Music Director: Eugenio Vargas
  • Asst. Music Director: Elizabeth Doran
  • Choreographer: Katie Spelman
  • Asst. Choreographer: Amanda Kroiss
  • Fight Choreographers: James Ballard and Joey DeBettencourt

Stage Management Team

  • Stage Manager: Laura Nash
  • Asst. Stage Managers: Chelsea Adams and Jessica Brody

Design Team

  • Set Designer: Ali McKegney
  • Technical Director: Joe Loffing
  • Scenic Artists: Kari Rayner and Kana Yoo
  • Set Build Crew: Tina Frank, Mary Hungerford, and Audrey Moyce
  • Lighting Designer: Alec Thorne
  • Costume Designer: Chelsea Slaven
  • Asst. Costume Designer: Emma Roberts
  • Properties Designer: Jenn Walsh
  • Sound Designer: Adam Neeley

Run Crew Team

  • Master Electrician: Jason Margolis
  • Electricians: Audrey Moyce, and Kana Yoo
  • Light Board Operator: Audrey Moyce
  • House Manager: Jamie White
  • Run Crew Head: Jennifer Skene
  • Costume Crew Head: Emma Roberts
  • Costume Crew: Fannie Jou
  • Hair/Makeup Crew: Edie Wellman
  • Mic Techs: Alice Feng and Lisa Tibbetts

Business Team

Production Team

  • Business Producer: Brittney Bahlman
  • Asst. Producer: Joe McClelland

Alumni Relations Team

  • Director of Alumni Relations: Zachary Baer
  • Alumni Relations Assistants: Betsy Hogg, Kara Weisenstein, and Evyn Williams

Publicity and Public Relations Team

  • Director of Publicity/PR: Scott Weinstein
  • Asst. Publicity Director: Meghan Mackenzie
  • Publicity Assistants: Brittany Bookbinder, Kelsey Melvin, Elisa Redish, and Sonya Roberts

Development Team

  • Director of Development: Jessica Malashevich
  • Fundraising Assistant: Tina Frank

Special Events Team

  • Director of Special Events: Rebecca Davis
  • Events Assistants: Lauren Jaffe, Jon Kwock, Charissa Quezaire, and Edie Wellman

Corporate Relations Team

  • Director of Corporate Relations: Tracy MacKenzie
  • Corporate Relations Assistant: Peter Fellenz and Abby Lembersky