Annie May Swift Blackbox Theater

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During the 2007-2008 remodel of Annie May Swift Hall, the Performance Studies department installed a small black box theatre space into the rear of the building.

Though this space is not available for use by StuCo shows, technical information about the space is presented here for the sake of the StuCo community, as they are commonly the practitioners working in the space.

The Performance Studies department maintains a stock of lighting instruments and associated equipment in a storage closet adjacent to the theater. Below is a partial listing of the equipment available.

Inventory of Equipment in Annie May Swift (as of 10/8/08)
Lighting Instruments
Quantity Type Note
10 ETC Source Four - 26 Degree Barrel 2P&G Stage Pin Connectors
20 ETC Source Four - 36 Degree Barrel 2P&G Stage Pin Connectors
10 ETC Source Four - 50 Degree Barrel 2P&G Stage Pin Connectors
12 Altman 6" Fresnel 2P&G Stage Pin Connectors
Lighting Accessories (Non-Cable)
Quantity Type Note
8 6" Barn Door Attachment
~6 30" Safety Cable All instruments have safety cables attached; these are spares
12 6.25" Snoot Matte black finish
12 Size-A Pattern (Gobo) Holder Not certain about size
6 Size-B Pattern (Gobo) Holder Not certain about size
4 6.25" Drop-In Iris
Lighting-Associated Cable
Quantity Type Note
A Heap Assorted 2P&G jumper cable Various Lengths
10 2P&G twofers 1 male to 2 female plugs
1 25' 5-pin DMX cable Intended for use with light board

The Performance Studies department also owns a Smartfade Console, which is designated for use in this space only and is also kept in the storage closet.