42nd Street

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42nd Street
Directed by Emily Maltby
Produced by Lucas McMahon and Jeremy Shpizner
Written by Harry Warren, Al Dublin, Mark Bramble and Michael Stewart
Sponsored by Arts Alliance
Show Dates January 20-28, 2012
Venue Cahn Auditorium


"Julian Marsh is doing a show!"

It’s 1933 at the height of the Great Depression and Julian Marsh, Broadway’s best director, has decided to save everyone’s skin and put on a show called Pretty Lady. When the prima donna leading lady breaks her ankle, it’s up to chorus kid Peggy Sawyer to save the show and everyone’s jobs. 42nd Street explores the necessity of art and escape in economic hardship, and is the ultimate love-letter to musical theater.


  • Julian Marsh: Alex Goldklang
  • Peggy Sawyer: Evelyn Jacoby
  • Dorothy Brock: Kara Dunlevy
  • Billy Lawlor: Ben Estus
  • Maggie Jones: Allie Parris
  • Bert Barry: Graham Duff
  • "Anytime Annie" Reilly: Royer Bockus
  • Phyllis Dale: Mia Weinberger
  • Lorraine Fleming: Zoe Nadal
  • Pat Denning: Christopher Herr
  • Abner Dillon: Jake Perlman
  • Andy Lee: Johnson Vaughn Brock
  • Mac: Jack Mitchell
  • Ensemble:
    • Ashley Austin
    • Annelise Baker
    • Kendall Beeman
    • Ellie Bensinger
    • Sean-David Bos
    • Taylor Bostwick
    • Janet Brown
    • Jason Byer
    • Kelly Carlquist
    • Darcy Coussens
    • Jeremy Dalton
    • Elizabeth Dauterman
    • Michael DeMarco
    • Darrin French
    • Madeline Hooper
    • Christine Jones
    • Josh Kohane
    • Emily Lamberg
    • Shelby Lopez
    • Anne Martin
    • Aubrey McGrath
    • Julia Namm
    • Mike Sladek

Production Team

  • Executive Producers: Lucas McMahon, Jeremy Shpizner
  • Director/Choreographer: Emily Maltby
  • Music Director: Patrick Sulken
  • Stage Manager: Andi Sturtevant
  • Associate Choreographer: Cailey McCandless
  • Assistant Director: Caley Beretta
  • Assistant Producer: Elena Besser
  • Assistant Music Director: Ellen Morris
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Caroline Henry, Ari Shapiro

Artistic Team

  • Production Manager: Ariel Stein
  • Scenic Designer: Corinne Bass
  • Technical Director: Matt Filak
  • Master Carpenter: JJ Marquis
    • Scenery Production Assistants: Madeline Berg, Hannah Dunn, Samantha Egle, Alexandra Goodman
    • Scenery/Props Crew: Madeline Berg, Hannah Dunn, Joseph Entenman, Motasem Kalaji, Kylie Mullins, Dylan Pager, Olivia Probetts
  • Lighting Designer: Aaron Quick
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Alison Mahoney, Megan Wines
    • Lighting Production Assistants: Andrew Hitzhusen, Stephanie Kahn, Ben Kemper, Gabrielle Knight, Alex Moe, Josette Nordman, Augustine Santillan, Lacey Weeks
    • Light Board Operator: Elsa Gay
    • Follow Spot Operators: Gabrielle Knight, Lacey Weeks
  • Master Electrician: David Griffin
  • Costume Designer: Tasia Hoffman
    • Stitchers/Drapers: Corinne Eckhart, Sarah Wachtel
    • Costume Production Assistants: Katherine Ardeleanu, Sarah Bergeson, Micole Himelfarb, Sally Lindel
    • Costume Crew: Sarah Bergeson, Corinne Eckart, Micole Himelfarb, Maia Safani
  • Sound Designer & Engineer: Mitch Johnston
    • Sound Production Assistants: Patrick Beecher, Khari Shelton
    • Microphone Technicians: Patrick Beecher, Lizzie Kreitman
  • Properties Designer: Isabel Garcia
    • Props Production Assistants: Kylie Mullins, Olivia Probetts, Maia Safani
  • Hair/Make-up Designer: Caitlin Oates
    • Hair & Make-Up Production Assistant/Crew: Katherine Ardeleanu, Elizabeth Wigley

Business Team

  • Director of Advertising: John Allman
    • Off-Campus Advertising: Dylan Pager, Kylie Mullins
    • On-Campus Advertising: Ben Rotter, Micole Himelfarb
  • Director of Alumni Relations: Leah Harris
    • Alumni Outreach: Sally Lindel
    • Alumni Events: Khari Shelton, Jacob Trauberman
  • Director Community Programming: Brennan Suen
    • Educational Outreach: Jenna Van Duyne, Derek Tucker
    • Institutional Outreach: Phoebe González
  • Director of Development: Kiley Naas
    • Family Outreach: Katherine Scott
    • Institutional Giving: Sam Garrott
    • Individual Giving: Carly Cozad, Iman Childs
  • Director of Digital Media: Ryan Hynes
    • Web Design/Digital Media Associate: Julie Del Prete
    • Social Marketing: Derek Tucker
    • Videographer: Stephen Ling
  • Director of Finance: Wil Heintz
  • Director of Special Events: Ryan Garson
    • Freshman Cabaret: Hillary Aarons
    • Date Auction: Sam Garrott, Katherine Scott
    • Les Miseróck: Kendra Vaculin, Anna Ciamporcero
    • Les Miseróck Team: Nicole Silverberg, Kelley Abell
  • Director of Promotions: Jesse Rothschild
    • Corporate Relations: Sarah Bergeson
    • Audience Development: Veronica Salkin, Maia Safani
  • Director of Public Relations: Logan Koepke
    • Off-Campus Relations: Elena Besser
    • On-Campus Relations Olivia Probetts
  • Director of Sales: Bob Kalas
    • Off-Campus Group Sales: Daphna Weinstock
    • On-Campus Group Sales: Olivia Probetts