Wave Productions

WAVE Productions is a self-supporting, not-for-profit student theatre company operating primarily on Northwestern University's Evanston Campus. In addition to having five mainstage shows per season, WAVE supports and creates special events that stretch the boundaries of what theatre can be. WAVE also works to reach out to both the Northwestern and Evanston communities through partnerships and other events. Although WAVE is written in all-caps, it does not, as far as we know, stand for anything in particular. Possibilities, however, include We Are Very Excited, We Ate Vulture Eggs, and We Always Vary Endlessly. Suggestions are welcome.

WAVE Productions exists to share the stories of the past and present in order to open the door to a better future!

To fulfill its responsibility to the Northwestern campus and surrounding communities, WAVE sets for itself the following objectives:

  • to sustain a dynamic and progressive presence on campus by fostering traditional and experimental theatrical forms
  • to provide an environment in which students can educate themselves through the art and business of theatre
  • to create an extended family and provide a safe environment in which creativity can flourish
  • to provoke response within our communities
  • to encourage ongoing exploration and discovery through theatre
  • to create and engage a new generation of theatre artists and audiences
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