Tonik Tap

Founded in 2001, TONIK Tap is Northwestern University’s premier tap dance ensemble. TONIK’s members hail from all over the country and collectively study a variety of majors, but we all have one thing in common – we love to create rhythm. We perform at various Northwestern and Chicagoland events, from Rhythm Nation and Eberhard's chemistry show in the fall, to Wildcat Days and Dance Marathon in the spring. We also produce two shows a year on campus, with original choreography and video interludes. Additionally, for the past three years, TONIK's self-choreographed repertoire has been recognized and featured as part of Dance Chicago, a city-wide dance festival in downtown Chicago. We have tapped with soccer balls, an a cappella group, eggs, on contact explosives, and have recreated classic choreography by Gene Kelly. What can we say, tap goes with everything! Email us at

TONIK Tap is committed to expanding our presence on campus and in the greater Chicagoland area, ensuring success and accomplishment within the company, and promoting and generating greater awareness of and appreciation for the classic American art form of tap dance through strong technique, dynamic choreography, and quirky humor. Ultimately, we're shooting for a close-knit, creative community of tap dancers: one big, tappy family.

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