Spectrum Theatre Company

Founded in 2005, Spectrum Theatre Company aims to inspire thought and dialogue both on campus and within the larger community. Spectrum is dedicated to recognizing the spectrum of beliefs, opinions, colors, creeds, and lifestyles of all people by producing thought provoking and challenging theater. We seek to collaborate with and empower the Northwestern community through theatre. Our seasons consist of scripted plays, devised work, and public happenings centered around relevant politically and social conscious issues.

Looking for set pieces, tools, props, or costumes? Check out our Inventory, located at the Public Storage on Green Bay Road!
For all rentals, please contact our Company Technical Director Seth Humerick at sethhumerick2021@u.northwestern.edu.

Spectrum Theatre Company is dedicated to empowering the greater Northwestern community by raising awareness, inspiring dialogue, and effecting change through theatrical experiences based on relevant social and political issues. By creating partnerships, sparking dialogue between students of different backgrounds, and giving a voice to the spectrum of beliefs and experiences represented on this campus, we strive to create a more connected, empathetic, and understanding student population through the power of story, conversation, and collectively experiencing theatre.

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