Jewish Theatre Ensemble

The Jewish Theatre Ensemble (JTE) was founded in 1995 by a group of five students who were intent on expanding the university's student-theatre community by producing plays and musicals involving Jewish themes. Since its first season, JTE has presented over fifty of these productions to students at Northwestern as well as members of the Evanston community. In addition to producing work by established playwrights, JTE is committed to the creation and development of new plays and in the past has sponsored a playwriting festival for aspiring writers at Northwestern. And you do not need to be Jewish to be involved!

The Jewish Theatre Ensemble exists to provide the Northwestern community with high quality entertainment and exposure to Jewish involvement in the arts. The organization aspires to challenge common perceptions and generate conversation relating to issues that fall within the resonance of the Jewish experience through artistic media with particular relevance to the Northwestern community. JTE will be involved in the celebration and education of Jewish culture on campus. In order to do this, The Jewish Theatre Ensemble will operate at a level of artistic excellence as well as encourage and support creative endeavors that promote Jewish themes in the arts.

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